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Two Tone Hottie Hair Squad...

Primetime... Sexcrime...

29 September
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7/11 slurpees, a clockwork orange, action action, america's next top model, andy warhol, art, atreyu, austrailian pop, avenged sevenfold, bayside, brand new, bri-yawn, britney, bubble baths, buddypic, buffalo exchange, captain planet, carebears, cartoons, clothes, coffee, culinary arts, dan, dana, dannielle, dashboard confesional, death, disco bloodbath, eyeshadow, face the jury, fashion, fixate, for felix, franz ferdinand, freezepop, glamour, gloves, going to shows, good friends, green day, grey, gwen stefani, hair, hate, hawthorne heights, hearts, herbal tea, hugs, icons, inmemory, instyle, intronet, jake, jenny, jesica, jessica, jon, kane hodder, katie n, katie r, kendra, kissing, kitsapbands, kristin, lagoona beach, legos, letter kills, lisa, local access television, love, m night shyamalan, make up, matchbook romance, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, morning for the masses, mos generator, motion city soundtrack, muse, muzik, my chemical romance, my keyboard, my little ponies, my xanga, myspace, nail polish, new found glory, nicole, night, orange, otter pops, p.o.p., paint by numbers, pakra, party monster, passions, pez, piercings, pink, pokemon, pop music, postal service, purevolume, rachel, red light, rhetoric, roses, savannha, screaming, seattle, secret machines, shannon, shopping, show tunes, skittles, skroddle, snarky the undead clown, some anime, sprite remix, stairwell, starbursts, stars, styrophome, sugarcult, taking back sunday, talisa, tech n9ne, techno, telling stories, the blood brothers, the clash, the early november, the faint, the lovemakers, the oc, the ramones, the sex pistols, the stranger, the streets, the yeah yeah yeah's, trance, vanilla ice, vintage clothing, waffles, yellowcard, zoom